General terms and conditions

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1. Terms

The client is the customer, a private or legal person with whom Kopstorm concludes an agreement.

Kopstorm is the provider and executor of the assignments related to web design and other digital online services. Kopstorm is also the author and user of these General Terms and Conditions.

2. General terms and conditions

  • Kopstorm's offers are free of charge and without obligation, both for the client and for Kopstorm.
  • Kopstorm offers are valid for 1 month. Thereafter, the offer expires and the case must be reviewed again.
  • The periodic costs for facilities (hosting, apps, maintenance, etc.) to run websites or other achievements are not immutable. They are evolving with providers' prices and wage increases. Any price increases will be passed on to the client.
  • Requesting extras and/or increasing the complexity by the client after the implementation agreement has been signed may result in an additional cost.
  • If the client does not pay within the agreed period and after several reminders, he is in default. This means that from that moment on, Kopstorm is entitled to interrupt or stop the execution of the assignment.
  • The client can terminate the order at any time. However, he cannot request a recovery of the payments made so far. However, he is obliged to reimburse any expenses incurred and the work that has not yet been paid but has been performed.
  • The project will only go online after final approval and acceptance by the client.
  • The realization periods included in offers and implementation agreements, including the intermediate phases, are indicative and, if exceeded, do not entitle the client to compensation or to terminate the agreement.
  • Interruptions in execution as a result of default, or due to insufficient data being provided by the client, or increasing the size or complexity of the order during realization, justify delaying the delivery date.
  • Only the client is responsible for all content of the online publications that appear in the projects developed by Kopstorm on his behalf. This responsibility concerns text, images and audio material and covers copyright, ethics, language, and truthfulness. Any resulting claims, charges and financial consequences are unconditionally borne by the client.

3. The implementation agreement

The implementation agreement contains:

  • A concrete and clear description of the assignment
  • An agreed price (excluding VAT).
  • An advance amount to be paid (if mutually discussed) before the start of the work.
  • An appointment to pay in instalments, linked to phases in realization.
  • A clause about acceptance, going online and full payment for the project. Full payment of the agreed price will take place within 3 weeks after acceptance.
  • The monthly or annual costs of the facilities (hosting, apps, maintenance, etc.) required to run the website as well as a clause about its changeability.
  • A delivery period.

The offers and implementation agreements are subject to the General Terms and Conditions described above, subject to written and mutually approved changes.